Afrojack and Cesqueaux Team Up for New Festival Banger “Danger”

AFROJACK And Cesqueaux are back with a brand new single, “Hazard”. The two debuted the track during AFROJACK’s Ultra Miami set last year, and now, almost a year later, the track has been properly released. The two previously teamed up on “Drums” which was released under AFROJACK’s ANL alias, who seek to bring their more club and festival-based sounds to the forefront.

Recruitment of a Dutch singer Kalibwoy for her dancehall-style vocals, “Danger” is an undeniably energetic track. This time, Cesqueaux takes the helm of production with Nick as his assistant. The drop is pure festival bliss, with roaring horns, fast snares and fat synths. There are even trap horns in the breakdown after the fall. Here’s what all parties involved had to say about “Danger.”

“The Most Energetic Song You’ll Hear All Day”. – Cesqeaux

“It was great to work with my brother Cesqeaux again and I’m thrilled to share this impactful collaboration” –AFROJACK

“The most energetic track! EDM with a bit of ‘fraaaaasss’ dancehall” – Kaliboi

Check out the latest from Cesqueaux & AFROJACK presents NLW, “Danger” with Kalibwoy now available Ripe Recordings.

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