Audien and Codeko Drop Instant Classic Progressive House Single “Antidote”

Audience is back with his 2023 debut single, “Antidote.” Teaming up with a London-based classically trained musician turned electronic producer of the Codeand enrollment J.T. Roach on vocals, “Antidote” is an Audien classic. Ravishing progressive house synths, brilliant vocals and melodic piano before a euphoric drop.

Like so many Audien songs, “Antidote” is incredibly positive and upbeat. The lyrics are truly blue collar, we all go through tough times, find peace and comfort in those around us. An “antidote” to the stress and pressure of real life. It’s a song that should seamlessly slip into Audien’s live sets. Here’s what everyone had to say about creating the track.

“‘Antidote’ is my first record with Ed, [Codeko]. During the PHND tour we played a lot of shows together and I really realized how much alike we were. We really have the same ear for things and I think our hearts are in the music the same way. JT was also the perfect singer for it. The song is about staying focused on commitment, being that person for someone you love. In many ways, the music I make today is that commitment to myself. Stay true to what speaks to me. – Audience

“’Antidote’ was written when Audien and I were on tour together towards the end of last year. Our musical tastes have always been quite similar and so when he suggested that we write something together, it couldn’t have gone much easier. We worked on it while traveling between shows in hotels and airports, and within days we were already playing it live. A few weeks later, JT tracked the voices and it was over! – Codeco

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“The theme of ‘Antidote’ resonates with me as it talks about being a source of peace in a world of chaos and toxicity, which many of us can certainly relate to. As many people find their peace in side of sports or recreation, I have found mine through my friends and colleagues who have always been there when I needed them most Having a strong and supportive community in Los Angeles has helped me through times difficult and became my “antidote” in my life. –J.T. Roach

Discover the latest from Audien & Codeko, “Antidote” with JT Roach, available now Armada.

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