Bassjackers Drop Eclectic New EP “Les Pays Bass”

Dutch Masters of the Great Halls bassjackers are back with their first EP of new music in over four years, The Netherlands. The six-track EP isn’t what you might expect and showcases the Dutch duo’s production versatility. Ranging from old school big room bangers like “How We Do” to the absolute stomper “Bass Hammer” to their own take on “Oldschool Vibe” techno, The Netherlands is sure to delight Bassjackers fans and critics alike.

“’Les Pays Bass’ is not polite. It tests the sounds that the newest technologies can produce, combined with old flavors and raw energy. We want to create a place for real ravers: Bass country. We’re now in the middle of our Les Pays Bass US tour, and we’re really putting into action everything Les Pays Bass stands for. Experimentation is always scary, but the crowd is certainly ready. We are also thrilled with the new Les Pays Bass merchandising! Thanks to an awesome new partner, we can really take it to the next level and be more than just a shirt or sweater. In addition, Les Pays Bass radio will resume its broadcasts, and we have unique formats. All in all, exciting times have arrived, and we are truly happy and inspired!– Bassjackers

Discover the latest from Bassjackers, The Netherlandsnow available Break the house.

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