BINGEWATCH Drops Mesmerizing ‘This Is House Music’ EP via Insomniac’s IN/ROTATION

BINGEWATCH continues to impress us with not only their Blind Tiger imprint, but their music as well. He’s still flying high from his previous single “LA TO NY” and now he’s back with a spellbinding EP, “This Is House Music” out now via IN/ROTATION from Insomniac.

An interesting fact is that this EP was created with his new analog studio. As any BINGEWATCH fan knows, he’s a big analog fan and his knowledge of the hardware is amazing. The title song was inspired by a sleek and sexy speaking voice that draws you into a great deep house groove with classic chords and a bassline that really sets the mood.

STAYwas created in a more minimal style to show off the traditional M1 organ pinch paired with melodic vocals. It’s a softer side to BINGEWATCH’s sound that is simply irresistible. Backed by a bouncy bassline and nostalgic 90s rave vibes,”DANCE WITH ME NOW” is an alluring track, perfect on any sunset dance floor.

“I was really trying to go for a super traditional and classic deep house vibe with this EP. I love analog gear and house music, so I thought that was the best way to show that in this EP which is coming out on IN/ROTATION. I’m really excited to release this on IN/ROTATION, this label has backed many amazing artists that I look up to. Also, Insomniac Music Group as a whole has deep roots in house music and rave culture, making it a perfect fit for these tracks. Hope you enjoy this sexy EP and my tribute to house music history. – BINGEE WATCH

Listen below!

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