Butch & Nic Fanciulli Drop Hot New Ibiza Anthem “I Want You”

It might not be summer yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start getting into that summertime mindset. If you need help, put that new piece of Mannish & Nic FanciulliI want you.” out now Defective Records, “I Want You” is a perfect summer anthem, dripping with that Ibizan club energy. With a catchy disco loop, warm tropical percussion and an unmistakable groove, “I Want You” will have you dancing happily when booking that flight to Spain this summer.

“I’ve known Nic for many years, always met at different parties and places around the world, but we had never done a song together.” Butch says. “During that time I was traveling through Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Ibiza and Germany and I guess I was drawing musical inspiration from those places, especially that Balearic sound. I had this track that I didn’t know really not sure what to do next, so I decided to send it to Nic to see what he would come back with. And that’s how ‘I Want You’ was born…”

“‘I Want You’ started with me and Butch talking to finally do a collab.” adds Nic Fanciulli. “He sent me over 15 different loops and ideas and I picked this one straight away. I rehearsed the loop for about an hour and then attacked it. We sent it several times and that was it. I remember road testing it over the weekend and the crowd really took off. I think remote production is much better than sitting in a room because you don’t have to worry about what the other thinks.When that happens and you don’t fight it, you just know the disc is working.

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