Chemikkal Makes His Major Label Debut With New Single, “Mine” [BLANCO Y NEGRO MUSIC]

Based in Tampa, FL Chemikkal continues to impress us with everything he does. He has developed a tenacious work ethic over the years, allowing him to grow into the DJ/Producer he is today. While many DJs and producers are one-trick ponies, Chemikkal has a unique innate skill for artfully presenting music in multiple forms while maintaining a cohesive brand. Along with being fluid, the artist’s ability to appeal to a plethora of different audiences from all walks of life in the same room is one of the main factors that makes Chemikkal so extraordinary.

Now he’s back, this time making his major label debut on Warner Bros. sub-label Records / Atlantic Records UK / Warner Music Group Blanco Y Negro Music with their amazing new single, “Exploit“. It’s future rave, it’s trance, and overall it’s another solid and successful release for this up-and-coming young producer.

“I’m back with a huge electro/future rave style record called ‘Mine.’ editing playback like Beast Mode. Mine was such an interesting track to create, I was able to mix trap elements and mid-tempo productions with huge wide runs bringing the whole track together.Chemikkal

Listen below!

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