CloZee & LSDREAM announce collab album due out next year

CloZee And LSDREAM just revealed they have a collaborative album due out in 2024. The two went B2B to summer camp in 2021 and fans have been clamoring for more of the duo ever since. CloZee has released their latest album, neon jungle, back in 2020 at the height of the pandemic. LSDREAM released their newest in 2021, PEACE LOVE & WUBZ.

Both artists belong to the same (very) broad category of experimental bass and for both of them, teaming up is something that is sure to produce otherworldly results.

“Last year we went into the studio to weave our sounds together and create a song, which then turned into a few songs… We realized that we like making music together, so there’s a CloZee x LSDREAM album to come!!” shared CloZee on social media. “This project is so meaningful and special to us, it continues to be such an inspiring journey, because none of us have done a collaboration album before. To answer the question we get asked all the time, the album will be released in early 2024!!!We have also been working on our own solo albums, which will be released this summer!!We are so grateful for all the love and excitement around this collaboration album, so we wanted to give you an update.

Recordings of their SCAMP set are rare, but you can watch one below to get an idea of ​​what sounds you might hear next year on their collaborative debut album.

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