DJ-Producer Hybrid enjoii Stuns Fans with Debut Album, ‘Glass Princess’, a Mesmerizing Sonic Journey

Discovering an artist with a sound and musical identity as distinct as it is fun is like finding a diamond in the rough. The DJ-producer hybrid has once again proven his unrivaled creativity and rare skills with the release of his debut LP, Glass Princess. The album takes the audience on a sound journey filled with deep emotions and introspection. enjoii combines dark, ethereal witch house vibes with passionate wave music, creating an unprecedented mix throughout the compilation.

The LP’s title track, “Glass Princess,” kicks off with tender melodies and intricate echoing vocal chops. “Show Me Love,” the next track, is instantly mesmerizing with a dramatic yet steady build that stretches to its end. “Rawra” plunges listeners into a deep melodic trance while delivering a larger-than-life message, showing why enjoii has earned the title of master of the waves. Next, enjoii picks up the pace in “With U,” reaching a pulsating peak before fading into a seductive sound.

In the midst of Glass Princess, “Last Night” is a celestial anthem filled with digital soundscapes, complementing the unique and enchanting sound of the album.

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