Flume’s “Tennis Court” remix is finally available on Spotify nine years after it came out

Music rights are a volatile subject. And almost a decade ago it was even more of a Wild West environment than it is today, with a myriad of shady contracts or unclear terms, especially in dance music. where the major labels had not yet permeated the genre to the extent they have today.

So, spot Flume’s Lorde’s iconic 2014 “Tennis Court” remix – the song has only been available on SoundCloud and YouTube for almost a decade, with no download on the world’s biggest streaming service, Spotify. That has now changed. As of last weekend, Flume’s “Tennis Court” remix is ​​now available to stream on Spotify at your leisure.

When this song was released nine years ago, it ushered in the future era of bass. And while the genre has faded somewhat in recent years, we still watch it with emotion.

Listen to the song again and add it to all your playlists now!

Photo via Bianca Holderness for Splendor in the Grass

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