Fred again.. & Brian Eno release somber, ambient album, “Secret Life”

We’re still a bit reeling from the madness that marked the closing of the Pangbourne House Mafia main stage at Coachella two weekends ago. As soon as Skrillex, Four Tet and Fred walked so nonchalantly across the massive stage again, as they approached their 360-degree pedestal amidst the packed crowd, we knew we were on our way. to witness something important and unpredictable.

As a trio, that’s the kind of energy the band exudes. Individually, each is more idiosyncratic. Four Tet, for example, just played three nights solo in Los Angeles at the Hollywood Palladium, his performance is a far cry from the chaos of country riddim on display in the desert. As for Fred again…He just released a new album called secret life with his longtime mentor, Brian Eno.

secret life was not born from the same kind of energy as Real life was; rather, the darker, ambient sounds come from a place of greater sadness and melancholy than its more club-oriented half-siblings.

“Secret Life, starring Brian Eno, was released nowww

On the Kierans label, Text Records,” Fred tweeted.

“It really makes me incredibly happy. Which is kind of weird actually when I think about how much sadness it’s born. In fact, it might be kinda nice.

Listen below.

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