Hardwell and Will Sparks Team Up on “Twisted”

2023 seems to be the year to break the mould. This couldn’t be more true with the release of this new collaboration “Twisted” from Hardwell And Are sparks. If a collaboration of these two came out 5-7 years ago, it would most likely sound like a mix of big hall synthesizer with the rhythm of the rubber band and the bassline of a bouncy Melbourne tune. But in the current year, these two artists are in very different places.

For one thing, Hardwell took a massive break from touring and signaled his return with his second album. Since then he has released a few new singles and remixes and even a dance dance revolution inspired track. During this time, Will Sparks ventured into subgenres that took him beyond the Melbourne scene. We’re talking psytrance, hardstyle, and festival-style house. But where these two intersect is in the growing sound of main stage techno and that’s where “Twisted” comes in.

For old-school ravers, it might remind them of 2007’s classic “Your Mind is Twisted” hook from Greg, Jeroenski and Roog. The song had such a grip in the early 2010s that even Fedde Le Grand couldn’t resist putting his own spin on it in 2014. But unlike the glitchy, electro-house grit of the original, Hardwell and Will Sparks concoct an avalanche of modern techno. The drum beat is cacophonous and meets these tactile synths. As they meet the hats, “Twisted” becomes a howling beast that’s perfect for rabid audiences.

Be sure to check out “Twisted” by Hardwell and Will Sparks on Revealed Records now.

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