ILLENIUM releases latest song from self-titled album, “Insanity” with American Teeth

We are slowly moving towards the release of ILLENIUM’s fifth studio album, the self-titled ILLENIUM. Over the years, we’ve seen his brilliant trilogy of albums captivate fans around the world, culminating in an “epilogue”, fallen embersreleased in 2021. We are now entering a new era of ILLENIUM, but the Denver artist still wants there to be some level of nostalgia and familiarity with his new work for longtime fans.

His new single released today, “Insanity” featuring American Teeth, carries a theme of self-sabotage in the lyrics. It is a subject, by indirect means, that ILLENIUM has quite often taken up in its work.

“Everything about this song feels so anthemic to me,” ILLENIUM says of the tantalizing latest taste of their upcoming fifth album, ILLENIUM. “Elijah sounds absolutely epic and killed his performance on this record. It’s so nostalgic and I can’t get it out of my head. American Teeth’s Elijah Noll is also proud of the song, which he describes as “a journey through the dangers of life on the edge”. For him, it’s about “getting lost in a reckless lifestyle and the inevitable chaos that ensues when trying to navigate a relationship.”

“Insanity” follows the album’s singles “From The Ashes”, “Luv Me A Little”, “Worst Day”, “Shivering” and “All That Really Matters”. Listen below.

Photo via Lindsey Byrne

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