Italian producer Lurayana debuts with experimental electronic gem ‘dear tempo’

Lurayana is the nickname of newcomer, Italian producer Ludovica Nazzaro.

Growing up in a family of musicians, during lockdown she put aside her old pop demos and began to approach a more experimental sound, creating a world in which she finally felt free to express herself.

His first single ‘dear time‘ combines sampled, hypnotic vocals with drum ‘n’ bass-tinged production, resulting in a nighttime, edgy banger you can’t miss.

Speaking of herself, she explains:This song and my project represent a new beginning. For the first time, I finally started to truly understand and love myself for who and what I am. I made the decision to move away from the standard pop format, in favor of a songwriting style, based on a few selected sampled words. In the past, I was almost obsessed with the lyrics and their meaning, to the point that it almost became paranoia, which hindered my creativity. There’s room now, it’s liberating. It’s a different way for me to express myself, I’m vulnerable, but it’s sincere“.

She adds: “‘Dear Tempo’ was born during a studio session with Avellino’s very dear friend, gima. We were here, in my new city of Milan, after some time experimenting with sounds and melodies. Then the guitar line came and the song started to take shape. I felt the need to leave room for the production, to make my voice a sample, distorted but sometimes clear, as I often feel lately. I thank gima for being able to see and understand what I would like to be through my music. This song is a liberating anthem from any emotional chain. It’s so good to see how the weirdest thoughts manage to take shape and be born into a song.

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dear time‘ is the lead single from Lurayana’s debut EP, which will be released later this year.

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