Jai Wolf shares first new single in 3 years as he prepares for new album

Today, Jai Wolf marks a comeback with her first official single in three years, “Want It All” featuring rising pop sensation Evalyn. The song arrives as the first taste of Jai Wolf’s new artistic opus and the first single from his upcoming album. The captivating music video, directed by director Andrew Donoho (The Strokes, Joji, Janelle Monae), features an intricately choreographed dance performance. It was created with AI and ranges from the visual aesthetics of oil paintings to futuristic art.

“This era feels like a true renaissance pushing my sound into new territories while still feeling grounded in my usual sonic palette,” says Jai Wolf. “Although a lot of electronic music is defined by production, I really wanted to focus on lyrics and songwriting for new music. It’s been cathartic to put my feelings on paper and extrapolate them. even further through the interpretive dance for the music video. I am grateful to Evalyn, Andrew, Monica, Rishi and Manfred for being a part of this album and bringing the music video to life!

“Want It All” is packed with rich instrumentation, from crisp drums to warm brass notes and an underlying melody that feels like sitting next to a fire on a cold, lonely night.

Watch the official clip below.

Photo by Oswaldo Cepeda

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