Late Night Therapy Delivers Hypnotic Melodic House Single, “Feel Something”

We’re always on the hunt for the best new music and couldn’t help but be smitten with Late Night Therapy’s latest single, “Feel Something”.

It’s a haunting melodic house single, bolstered by sensational vocals that sit on a hypnotic groove you can’t help but lose yourself in. If anything, you can count on this single to make you feel something!

Late Night Therapy shares”this song was born out of a time in my life when i felt very numb and lacked the deep feelings of emotion. I didn’t feel sad or happy, I just felt neutral, so I started throwing myself into more extreme situations in pursuit of feeling something. I started to get addicted to more chaotic experiences as normality and order became boring and lifeless. I wrote, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered the song in my home studio. I used analog synths, electric guitar and distorted vocals to create the rough, dark and in some ways powerful and ambitious energy that I felt at the time.

Listen below!

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