Lost Lands uploads full Madeon set from iconic 2022 performance

Six months ago, lost lands welcomed fans to Legend Valley for another year filled with dinosaurs and bass. Of the many artists performing over the weekend, one of the most unique bookings and sets came from French producer/DJ Made on. Typically, his sets are much more in the realm of pop versus heavy bass, but he clearly got the mission and came equipped with plenty of intense radiators.

Fan recordings became available shortly after last year’s festival, but Lost Lands have just uploaded official live stream footage from the set to their YouTube. Being able to enjoy high-quality recording and audio is now infinitely more enjoyable, whether for those who were there and want to relive the experience or for those who missed it altogether.

As of press time, the set is still premiering on YouTube, so you can’t skip to the end just yet. But the full set will eventually be available. Catch up below!

Photo via Oh Dag Yo

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