Manic Focus Delivers Emotional & Mesmerizing 7th LP, Never Not Blue

Denver-based producer Manic Focus is a multi-talented artist. As a magician, he uses sleight of hand to pull objects out of nowhere. As an electronic artist, he performs equally impossible sound acts with his vibrant, genre-defying music. Manic Focus’ unique style – defined by a hybrid of electronica, funk, soul and hip-hop – has helped the producer cultivate a fervent fanbase captivated by his immersive studio craftiness and vibrant creative spirit – a combination which led him to performances at festivals such as Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, Hulaween, North Coast Music Festival, High Sierra Music Festival, Camp Bisco, Wakaan Festival, Summer Camp Music Festival and several opening slots at Red Rocks to support Zhu, Emancipator, Pretty Lights, etc.

But its strengths do not lie only in the musical and the magical: which also makes Manic Focus standing out is his mental triumphs. Diagnosed with Bipolar 1 in 2007, Manic Focus went through several manic and depressive episodes – experiences that directly inspired his artist name. Instead of keeping him from working, his bipolar diagnosis became a driving factor in his creative process, a hurdle he had to overcome on his way to a product of endless musical ingenuity. never not blue takes the listener through the different emotional states of a manic episode where the interludes describe the stages of mania.

It may be his best work yet, keeping your ears and mind busy throughout with haunting melodies, seamless vocal sampling and drum beats that seem to vibrate through your whole body. For all its talent, it’s great to see artists willing to go the extra mile to be truly vulnerable through their art, and in doing so, it seemingly resonates even deeper for the listener.

This album is very special to me. It will take you on a journey through many of the emotions I experience in a manic episode – from confidence, through chaos, to euphoric states, but ultimately ending on a high note.
– Manic Focus

Check it out below!

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