Marc Antonix Drops Thundering ‘Nocturnal – Outerspace’ EP

Genre-defying Los Angeles-based music producer Mark Antonix captured worldwide attention with its jaw-dropping soundscapes, rhythmic sounds, experimental bass lines and cinematic drops. Get out of his shot »To let you go,“Marc has gained significant support from headliners such as put on Diablo, THE Chain smokers And afrojack.

Marc’s versatility shines brightly in his latest EP ‘Nocturnal – Outerspace’, which is a thunderous two-track collection that might be his best work to date. Each encompasses eerie but thrilling bass house vibes that seem to take the listener into spatial realms the moment they hit play. Both tracks clearly support the artist’s vision of exploring the realms of house music while retaining elements of mystery and surprises along the way as Marc Antonix does what he does best.

Listen below!

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