Modapit “Falling In Love” director describes challenges & vision for new project [Interview]

In the real world, guest seemingly came out of nowhere, presenting a parallel between his real-life appearance and the persona he portrays in the media surrounding his music. Questions of being an industrial factory are inevitable, but if the music is good the point becomes rather moot.

Modapit released their debut single, “Dancing,” in January, and followed it up recently with “Falling In Love” and another music video. The idea behind the project is to present a coherent and interesting story that asks as many questions as it answers, and so far this goal has not been missed.

With the music video for “Falling In Love” released last week, we caught up with the video’s director, David Guillermo Borges, to ask him about the creative direction and the actual process of filming the video – how did that turn out? happened, the challenges they face in the desert fire and what the future holds for Modapit.

In addition to Borges’ involvement, the video also features an impressive cast and crew, including choreographer and performer Tiffany “Violet” De Alba who has worked with Cirque Du Soleil, Diddy and Usher, as well as Russel M. Corpis , Kendra Hagan , Dantriell Houston, Stephanie Brodie and Bohdan Tkachenko.

When the Modapit team first sent you the song, what was the first concept in your mind as to how you would set the scene for the video?

The song was sent very early in the process, at the same time as Dancing was sent. (And a few others.) The goal was to create a unique story while keeping the music videos very different from each other. We immediately knew that we wanted to shoot in a desert setting to create a radical departure from “Dancing”, which takes place in the city. All of these things put together added to the early ideas.

How many different versions of the video did you write before deciding on the final concept?

I wouldn’t say different versions of the video, but a few different things changed when we started producing it. One of the things was wardrobe and makeup. At first we thought about buying things that we thought these characters would wear, but Gabriella, our protagonist and producer said she would be happy to create the costumes herself. The best decision we could have made, she handcrafted each costume and chose the color red to represent love. Another thing I would say has changed is the storyline and where certain things happened in the video, making the final draft even more fascinating to watch than our first cut.

Clearly the being in the sky is meant to represent Modapit – who represent the dancers? The biker ?

In our story so far, we know that Modapit has something to do with “spaceships”. The motorcyclist is the main character of our previous Dancing video, she is looking for the “real” Modapit, who she thinks has answers about what happened to her sister. She brought the mask of someone who was probably an impostor to this group of almost a religious cult in hopes of being accepted into this place floating in the sky. I believe that the dancers represent our connection with the artists. The motorcyclist would represent us trying to be part of the music scene. Modapit would represent a different type of artist, one that I believe is not after fame or fortune, but rather to bring people together.

What was the process of filming in the desert like in terms of weather and lighting?

The weather in Vegas was amazing when we landed, but a few days before filming it started to get really cold and wet. We had about 15 people booked for this, scary feeling to think you had to reschedule. But somehow, like the beam of light coming out of the modaship, the skies opened up that morning for a few hours, allowing us to shoot the dance part of the video, to then have incredibly cold that afternoon. Call it luck or a blessing, but I believe that video was supposed to happen that day. I love Vegas and can’t wait to come back in May for Moda’s first performance.

Is this story over?

The story isn’t over, we haven’t really met our main character’s sister yet, who was teased in the What is Modapit trailer. We also want to show people what it would be like if our main character met the real Modapit and got some answers about his sister.

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