MY BAD Is Drops His Latest Fresh EP “All In”

There is something special about bass music, which not only resonates with the mind, but also connects with the body. The human brain involuntarily selects the lower bass rhythm as the body moves through the low frequency vibrations. Bass music is unique in its melody and is definitely not for everyone. MY BAD, a leading producer and EDM musician, has been setting new trends in bass music for some time. His recent release “All In” will likely set a new benchmark in the bass music scene among EDM enthusiasts.

MY BAD was only 15 when he started listening to dubstep and going to raves. He immediately felt connected to the music and knew what he wanted to do in life. To fulfill his dream career, MY BAD started learning music production, and within a year he was making music. He was just 16 years old and came from Colorado with big dreams when he officially started producing music and DJing. As he immersed himself in bass music, he gained recognition in the industry. MY BAD’s career took off after moving to Los Angeles, California. He was inundated with offers of collaboration projects, and he explored each of them to solidify his position in the industry. He teamed up with ARIUS in “Crazy For Falling,” which surpassed 3 million streams on Spotify and has over 500,000 views on YouTube. He self-released the “Delusions EP” in June 2021, which won
over 1.5 million streams on Spotify in the first two months. The song is now listed on several editorial playlists. MY BAD has made its mark in Denver, the bass capital of the world. He held residencies at famed clubs in Denver, San Diego and Los Angeles. He has played many DJ sets and released a few EPs with reputable music labels like Create, Tribal Trap and Subsidia. MY BAD likes to collaborate with other artists on their originals because they believe that a vocalist, vocalist or rapper can take their music to the next level. For him, this is a reason why people come back to listen to his songs. In this last EP, “All In”, he collaborated with his good friend, Sam Mailloux, with whom he worked in the past.

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As MY BAD describes, “I really like making music with other people.” “All In” is likely to be a unique approach to bass music that will leave people mesmerized and coming back for more. It will have electrically amplified melodies combined with low notes to create a bassline that will get people grooving. MY BAD wanted this latest EP to set a new standard among their fans, which is why they took a break to work more seriously on this project. He shares, “I took a step back last year and really dug into my roots to understand why I decided to do this in the first place, and that’s how this name and this EP was born. .

I realized that I was holding back so much music trying to perfect it, and it’s better to be out and in the world. Describing the concept behind “All In,” MY BAD says, “I grew up listening to dubstep and bass music and wanted to show my take on the OG sound I loved with a 2023 twist.” “All In” is likely to be a milestone in MY BAD’s career, paving the way for more valuable collaborations and musical tours around the world. He thinks this EP will be the next anthem for rave parties and EDM clubs, taking his voice out into the world.

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