N2N & Modern Lover Team Up For Thrilling Underground Single “Under Control” via Where The Heart Is Imprint

Over the past eight years, N2N has built quite an impressive career. In 2018, he was mentioned by Billboard in its Burning Man Top Nine Sets list, and the previous year he had the opportunity to perform for a global audience at Mixmag Lab in New York. In the studio, his versatility shines through, as his groovy feel-good style has earned him major signings, including Deadmau5’s hau5trap imprint, as well as endorsements from Fatboy Slim, Chris Lake, David Guetta, Idris Elba and more. . Beyond the turntables, Nick has become an outspoken advocate for mental health and suicide awareness. A survivor himself, he hopes to use his platform to break the stigma associated with depression and encourage others in similar situations to speak freely in a time heavily dictated by outward appearance.

Now he’s back with an exciting new single, teaming up with singer Modern Lover for “Under controlvia David Hohme’s Where The Heart Is imprint. It’s an infectious underground track with a shimmering Modern Lover vocal. The melodies blend together effortlessly, culminating in a heart-pounding four-on-the-floor beat and an irresistibly bouncy bassline.

This is yet another beautifully done track from N2N. We had the pleasure of talking to him about this single as well as other aspects of his career. Enjoy!

How has your experience at Burning Man influenced your music and your career?

The biggest thing Burning Man has done for me as a performer is enjoying the ground in front of me. I used to be disappointed if I didn’t play in a crowded club, or if I opened and no one had arrived yet. I’ve played amazing nights at Burning Man where 15 people were on the dance floor and having a blast. My responsibility as a DJ is to whoever is on the dance floor at the time. Obviously, it has done some great things for my career, for which I am eternally grateful.

What inspired you to develop your unique approach to house music?

I started DJing in New York when I was 18, playing open-format clubs for years. It was a class in reading the crowd, but beyond that it gave me an appreciation for incorporating multiple genres into the same ensemble. Now that I’m strictly four on the floor, I still like to incorporate different genres into my set, but under the umbrella of house. It’s more fun as a listener if you don’t get the same vibe at the same frequencies for 90 minutes.

How did you start working with David Hohme and the “Where The Heart Is” label?

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I met David almost 10 years ago through the BangOn community in New York. I always had a lot of respect for him as a performer, and over the years we developed a friendship that grew as we started to connect on things outside of the music. I rarely make music that suits WTHI, but when I showed him some demos I had done in the last year, he pointed to this one and asked if it had already been signed. The rest is history, and here we are!

What is the story behind your song with Modern Lover and what is the meaning of the song title?

Makayla and I met on the Internet, when I was looking for singers on Beatport. We ended up spending Thanksgiving 2021 together in Los Angeles, eating Chinese food and working on random sketches (including Hit & Run on Country Club Disco). Makayla came up with the idea for the voice, based on the concept of an unhealthy, controlling relationship (hence the title). We spent some time thinking about the mood of the song, and finally the first draft of what you hear today was here within the hour.

As a passionate vegan, how do you incorporate veganism into your life and career?

I like to wear clothes when I travel or play that encourage conversations. If I play a show and wear a Don’t Eat the Homies shirt, maybe someone will see it and be curious about the message or something.

What qualities do you favor in a record company and what attracted you to WTHI?

Many things come to mind here. You can approach it from “who has the best connections with playlisters from Spotify or other DSPs” or “who has the biggest DJ promo pool”. At the same time, personal relationships are important. A label can have the best connections in the world, but if it’s a bag of idiots, I have no interest in working with them.

What can fans expect from N2N in the coming year, both in terms of music and advocacy efforts?

More chats, more sanity, more tours, more music. I have set myself a goal of one release per month for 2023, which we are on track to achieve. Trying to reach as many new markets as possible so I can start developing a bigger audience and keep growing :). I love what I do and look forward to doing more.

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