Noizu and Westend Team Up for New Heater “Push to Start”

noizu starts the new year with a new collaboration with west endPress to start.” They just played an exclusive b2b set at EDC Mexico last weekend, despite being on many of the same bills, “Push to Start” is the first official collaboration between the two artists.

“Push to Start” begins like any other tech-house heater with the bassline and percussion slowly building in the background. “Push to Start” does have the catchy vocal hook on the intro, though. The song gets truly complimentary during the build with the short, groovy synths laying the groundwork for the drop. It’s a high-energy track while still retaining a sort of old-school/underground rave vibe. Again, the vocal sample and brief synth notes cannot be understated.

“Hyped about this release.” noizu says “Westend is like a little brother to me, we did a lot of gigs/festivals together and it was logical to end up on a track. “Push To Start” is designed for large crowds and high energy, so Insomniac was the perfect home for it. »

Discover the latest from Noizu & Westend “Push to Start”, now available on Insomniac. Be sure to check out Noizu on their upcoming North American tour. Along with new music and shows, Noizu will be releasing new flavors of its aptly named hot sauce brand. Heaters onlyCreated in Los Angeles, this hot sauce contains a multitude of fantastic pepper flavors that will have you dancing. For what? Because they are only radiators.

3.01 – The Great – Boston, MA
3.02 – Alchemy – Raleigh, North Carolina
3.03 – Trio – Charleston, South Carolina
3.04 – Black box – Charlotte, North Carolina
3.10 – Live Houston Stereo – Houston, TX
3.11 – Dallas Live Stereo – Dallas, TX
3.17 – Echosing – Washington, DC
3.24 – Insomniac Records Pool Party – Miami, Florida
3.25 – Beyond Wonderland – San Bernardino, CA
3:30 p.m. – Park Ultra Nightclub – Sacramento, CA
3.31- The Midway – San Francisco, California
4.07 – Red Rocks with Tchami – Denver, CO
4.08 – Soundwell – Salt Lake City, UT
4.15 – Prysm – Chicago, Illinois
4.16 – Marquee Dayclub – Las Vegas, NV
4.21 – Toy Box – Toronto, ON
4.22 – WTR – Tampa, Florida
4.28 – 11:11 Club – El Paso, TX
4.29 – Project Concourse – Austin, TX
4:30 p.m. – Project Glow – Washington, DC
5.5 – Miramar Theater – Milwaukee, WI
5.6 – Exchange – Minneapolis, MN
5.12 – Supernova Nightclub – Seattle, WA
5.13 – 45 East – Portland, OR

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