ODESZA release ‘The Last Goodbye’ Deluxe Edition with 2 new VIPs [LISTEN]

ODESZA album the last farewell continues to be an ubiquitous moment in the world of electronic music with the surprise DSP release of a deluxe edition of the epic album today.

They also announced an upcoming limited edition 3LP deluxe physical box set (limited to 2,500 units sold), featuring a 2LP press of the last farewell on clear crystal pink and clear sky-colored vinyl with a clear misty gold icosahedron-shaped third LP with four bonus songs. The box set also comes with a 50-page hardcover photobook with images from The Last Goodbye tour.

In addition to the base track set, the Deluxe Edition includes ODESZA’s VIP remixes of two beloved tracks from their “In Return” era: “All We Need” feat. Shy Girls & “Sun Models” feat. Madelyn Grant. It also includes the studio version of “Hopeful”, a live fan favorite from their 2022 tour, and their latest acclaimed original track “To Be Yours” feat. Claudius.


Photo by Andrew Gomez

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