ODESZA surprise fans with new song that didn’t make the last album, “Hopeful”

For the past two and a half months, most of the electronic music community has been consumed by Skrillex and its relentless dominance over the news cycle. He was releasing singles every week, announcing an album, announcing a concert at Madison Square Garden, selling it, dropping the album, playing a concert in Times Square, playing the show at MSG, releasing another album mid-concert. It was inevitable.

But since the beginning of the year, we know there is so much more. Beyond the albums we know and look forward to, the wheels keep turning – cue ODESZAwho this morning surprised fans with the release of ‘Hopeful’, a track they say didn’t make it to their last album but ‘summed up our time away from the world while writing the record’.

The song feels like many of the synth-laden masterpieces of early M83, with echoing vocals and slowly evolving melodies until all the weight of the sounds’ emotion crumbles away. As the title suggests, this is truly a song that fills the listener with a deep sense of hope and possibility.

Listen below.

Photo by Alexander Babarikin

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