Planet Zuzy releases debut single, “Higher”

We are always delighted to enter the ground floor of a new artist. Enter Planet Zuzy hailing from Poland with his debut single “Higher”.

“Higher” draws its authority straight from the dance floor, with a nuanced approach to classic club sound. Effortlessly combining trance-y antics with a pop edge to the main stage, “Higher” is
designed for dancing. The single was born while she was living in Spain and now serves as the basis for her new world.

“My debut single ‘Higher’ is inspired by one of my fondest memories of dance music,” Planet Zuzy said. “When I was 11, I received a Numark Mixtrack controller from my parents,
and although I don’t know its purpose, I have spent countless hours learning, exploring and immersing myself in the world of dance music. It was during one of these sessions that I
came across Avicii’s “Levels” shortly after its release. Attempting to describe the emotions I felt listening to this song for the first time would do them little justice, but ‘Higher’
comes very close. The elation, freedom and rapture I felt at that time continues to fuel my passion for creating dance music.

Listen below!

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