PREMIERE: Chime Delivers Thrilling Single “From Atoms To Pixels” ft. Sekai [Monstercat]

From Leeds, England, Carillon is an artist project from the brilliant mind of Harvey Goldfinch. With a unique style aimed at combining melodic and heavy elements in a concoction he calls “color bass” and influenced by his deep love for video games, Chime quickly rose through the ranks of the global bass scene. with a slew of major releases since the alias’ debut in 2015.

Chime has been released with a number of notable labels in the bass scene such as Disciple, Circus, Monstercat, Never Say Die, Subsidia, Ophelia and his own Rushdown label, among others. Along with his own releases as Chime, this producer became a notable curator and label manager with Rushdown. Producers such as Ace Aura, Sharks, Skybreak, Papa Khan and many more have now moved from Rushdown to top labels such as Circus and Joytime Collective and gained DJ backing from some of the biggest names in the game. scene such as Excision and Virtual Riot.

He’s truly building an incredible legacy, and we’re thrilled to present his latest single, “From Atoms To Pixels” ft. Sekai, from his upcoming album, “Aetherborne,” which will be released on April 7 via Monstercat. Packed to the brim with colorful melodies, heart-pounding bass breaks and soaring vocals, Chime once again proves why he’s one of the best around. It’s a breathtaking journey from start to finish, a ride you won’t hesitate to repeat.

Listen below!

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