Rezz enlists Shadient & fknsyd for ‘Blue In The Face’ off upcoming ‘IT’S NOT A PHASE’ EP

It’s actually pretty incredible that Rezz and Shadient haven’t released a collab until now, but we can finally say the day has arrived. “Blue In The Face” with fknsyd brings together a group of artists who have all occupied the same space for a long time. Shadient worked with fknsyd, fknsyd worked with Rezz, and now they’ve all finally combined their powers.

Regarding the track, Rezz said, “I have known Shadient since my early days as a producer and we wanted to collaborate for a long time but we had never finished a song, until now and this is the one that will shock both of our audiences in my notice! It’s quintessential goth, accompanied by Syd’s vocals, which really enhances the grungy feel of this track.

Shadient added, “I’m so excited to finally release music with Rezz. We’ve been great friends since she broke up in 2014. Since then, we’ve tried to create things over the years, but never achieved anything exciting. I’m so glad we settled for nothing less than blue in the face (which is so gassy).”

Fkynsyd said, “I have so much love and respect for Rezz and Shadient. It’s a really fun and organic experience to make art with them and I’m happy to be able to contribute to “Blue In The Face”.

Rezz’s upcoming EP taps into his darker roots, embracing the edgy, dark sounds reminiscent of his childhood love of punk and emo rock. ‘Blue In The Face’ Serves As First Taste Of Upcoming Gothic Theme THIS IS NOT A PHASE PE.

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