Rezz & Grabbitz release new single ‘Signal’ off Rezz’s upcoming ‘IT’S NOT A PHASE’ EP

“Signal” serves as the second single by Rezz coming THIS IS NOT A PHASE EP, due out this summer, and the anticipated sequel to her and Grabbitz‘ previous release, “Someone Else” released in 2020. The single notably serves up a more alt-rock vibe than their previous collaboration, adding a bit more live instrumentation and lots of Grabbitz vocals we also know and love.

Embracing the distinct elements of rock and electronic music, “Signal” reinforces the nostalgic references and cross-genre impulses present throughout Rezz’s forthcoming album. THIS IS NOT A PHASE PE. “Signal” continues Rezz’s mission to bridge the gap between rock and bass music, a sound that draws inspiration from the punk bands of her teenage years and the modern electronic influences that defined her sonically.

Regarding the track, Rezz said, “This second collaboration with Grabbitz confirmed that we need to make MUCH more music together. It’s the perfect mix between punk and mid-tempo and I couldn’t be happier. I think Day 1 fans will appreciate this, as well as new punk fans!”

Grabbitz added, “It’s hard to top the ‘Somebody Else’ feeling, but I speak for both of us saying I think we did it.”

Listen below!

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