Rich Furniss Teams Up With Morsy & Buck For Underground Single “Desire” [Quincy Boy Records]

Hungry and ambitious talent based in New York Rich Furniss continues to wow us with his tracks, which seem to blend the classic roots of house music with a compelling modern twist.

Today he revealed what might be one of his best releases yet with “Desire», in collaboration with friends walruses And male. While many of his past releases have boasted a classic disco/house influence, “Desiregoes much heavier on a modern techno feel, a real track for the underground. The vocals encompass a trippy Green Velvet-esque vocal type, as synths pulsate and percussive elements come together in captivating fashion.

Here’s what Rich had to say about it:

“The energy between Morsy, Buck and I was just natural when creating ‘Desire’, I feel like a balance between all of us is here. Since I started Rich Furniss in September 2021 , I never imagined things would happen so fast so fast or to have the support of bigger artists that I love on my music. I’m pumped for the future!

Listen below!

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