ROSSY releases debut EP ‘HEAVENS DOOR’ on HARD Recs

It’s always a treat to successfully catch an artist in their growth phase. Seeing their hard work start to pay off, their talent blossoming, gaining recognition from their peers and fans – it’s rarer than you might think because so many people tend to find artists only ‘after reaching their peak.

When we put RUSSIAN on our list of artists to watch in 2021, she had only released a handful of singles, but the recognition was growing. She had gone from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of pieces, found friendship and collaboration with Pauline Herr, and continued to produce many of her solo singles herself.

A little over two years later, she released her first EP, THE GATES OF PARADISEwith HARD Recs, and boasts some of the most successful and meaningful songs of his career.

THE GATES OF PARADISE kicks off with his debut show, a months-long fan favorite, “ANTHEM,” which proudly shouts – “It’s mothaf*ckin ROSSY” – yes it is.

ROSSY gives fans a window into what makes the project so special: “I wanted to wait to do an EP until I felt like I could fully give the world the most real representation of myself, a real part of me. I wanted to make sure it was so special for all the lovely people taking their time to support and stream me. I wanted everything from the music, to the art, to the rollout and the brand to feel so special and so true to me.

Listen below.

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