SIPPY & Dani King team up for minimal, dark, and melodic new collab, “Feel Anything”

Very often we find our new favorite music from shows or events, through mixes and podcasts, radio shows, etc. A lot of music, however, doesn’t fit so easily into those kinds of settings and is made to feel something…feel anything.

This is the case of the new single from SIPPY And Dani King, released last week on FMU Records by Alison Wonderland, “Feel Anything”. If you had to put it in a box, you’d probably call it dubstep – however, it’s not like the loud, shrill synth/bass sounds that have been made popular in the last couple of years. The bass is deep and emotional, the production is minimal and incredibly vocal heavy. It’s the kind of dubstep you’re probably not going to headbang (I mean, you could try), but it still sends shivers down your spine.

If anything, just listening to the drums you could even call it trip hop, bearing some similarities to early Massive Attack work.

Commenting on the production process and his collaboration with SIPPY, King says, “I wrote that first line around the prompt ‘I don’t feel anything’ and wanted to create a descriptive, almost visual experience with the lyrics. Sippy heard the topline and fell in love with it, so much so that we ended up using the demo vocal in the final track. It was a dream to collaborate with Sippy because she is so talented, and I am grateful that the opportunity presented itself on such a unique voice.

For the fourth release on the newly established label, Alison said: “I’ve been a fan of fellow Australian artist Sippy for a while now, she sent me some demos and I really liked this one with Dani King. I’m happy to have other girls on the label too.

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Listen below!

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