Skrillex reveals Gesaffelstein has a new album coming and gives his thoughts

Four years ago, Gesaffelstein released their second album, Hyperion. Compared to his innovative debut album, Aleph, it mostly fell on deaf ears without gaining nearly the same degree of notoriety. Although the accompanying tour was a success, if only out of nostalgia if nothing else, HyperionThe streams of are mediocre – apart from the collaboration with The Weeknd.

There haven’t really been any rumors surrounding Gesaffelstein this year, at least as far as general knowledge goes, so color us all surprised when Skrillex randomly posted today with him and revealed that not only Gesa had a new album coming, it’s apparently already finished and he listened to it. His thoughts were simply, “my gaaawd.”

We can’t wait to hear what this visionary has in store for us this year.

Photo courtesy of Coachella

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