Talented Producer and DJ BLUUR Has Big Plans for 2023

BLUUR is taking the music scene by storm with big plans for 2023. Focused on creating a space of carefree acceptance and good vibes, the brand is increasingly recognized for its unique sound and performance. powerful. BLUUR’s goal is to provide a platform for artists to showcase their talents through the “BLUURED OUT” event and provide an exceptional fan experience.

“When fans go to a BLUUR show, I want them to feel carefree and welcomed,” says the innovative DJ. “I want people to see BLUUR and understand how I feel about my music, my family, my faith, my friends and my euphoria. I was that person in the crowd, I just needed a space to feeling accepted and surrounded by good vibes when times were tough. I needed that reminder. That’s what BLUUR is; that’s what BLUURING OUT really means.

BLUUR’s journey in the music industry began on the melodic bass scene in 2016, but the loss of a loved one led to a desire for a fresh start. At the height of the pandemic, BLUUR shifted gears entirely by making more house music, which aligned with the brand’s vision of creating an escape from life’s hardships. BLUUR’s persistence and different sound helped the brand gain recognition, including winning the Insomniac Discovery project and performing at such notable venues as the Hollywood Palladium and LA Academy.
The next BLUURED OUT event will include a live showcase and live experience in the spring. The brand’s upcoming EP will feature heavier house music with a new and different sound that DJ BLUUR fans have yet to hear. BLUUR believes the best way to help yourself is to be persistent and different, to set personal goals and achieve them. The brand’s long-term goal is to create its own scene,

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The BLUURED OUT stage, where he can deliver a full production and showcase his unique sound.

“When I started, I constantly asked for help and support to have a clear path to a successful music career,” BLUUR says when asked why it mattered to him. “I understood that no one would come to save you. Continuing to be persistent and different is the only way to help you, especially when your mind is in a dark place. BLUUR was my escape from all difficulties, a chance to start over and have a new
beginning. Mainly, I just wanted to feel inspired to create something that matched my vision. I really appreciate everything that my team and I have built with this brand; it was an experience like no other. As an artist and creator, BLUUR believes in continuous improvement and growth. “Never be afraid to start over,” he encourages other artists. “Be bold and go for what

that you like the most, no matter how high the mountain. Someone once said to me, “If you think the price is too high to accomplish something, imagine the bill of regret. His ultimate dream is to start BLUURED OUT Records, where he can find like-minded artists and help foster and develop the next generation. He also hopes to further develop his career and collaborate with one of his favorites, Billie Eilish.

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