Zack Hersh Releases Mesmeric Single “Voxels”

Fusing a high-tech aesthetic with an evocative approach to sound design, Zack Hersh is an exciting innovator emerging on the electronic scene today. Since 2015, it has risen to offer a unique and mind-blowing vision of experimental production. His music evokes electricity, whether through headphones or speakers, drawing inspiration from avant-garde creators like G Jones, Amon Tobin and Aphex Twin. Hersh was released on Saturate (Malware EP) and MorFlo (Arcadia EP), and delivers an exciting new name in the bass community.

Now he’s back with a haunting single”Voxels” which is utterly compelling from start to finish. Filled with a myriad of euphoric vocal chops backed by emotive chord progressions, this song is guaranteed to lift your spirit to the heavens.

Check it out below!

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